SABO GoodLift - coming mid-summer 2016

June 07, 2016

The latest addition to the SABO collection, the GoodLift, is the perfect shoe for lifters who prefer a shoe without a heel. Featuring an all-new non-marking outsole with minimum thickness and a special pattern for maximum grip. The upper is made of thick, supportive leather with a man-made liner. The GoodLift also has a 30 mm super durable metatarsal strap for a secure fit.

This is the perfect shoe for deadlifts, squats without a heel, and bench press.

Coming to mid-summer 2016.



























































Eugene Yarymbash tries on the SABO's.

June 19, 2015

Eugene Yarymbash from the Ukraine is one of the strongest men on the planet.   Three times winner of the Super Cup of Titans, he recently placed third in the 2015 event with a total of 1,135 kg.  Here are some pics of Eugene checking out the SABO Powerlifts.     






























CHALK UP with Hand Armor

March 19, 2015

We now carry 2 oz bottle Hand Armor Liquid Chalk. Designed to outperform regular chalk, it's non messy and is antimicrobial to boot. The 2 oz bottle comes with a handy carabiner so you can clip it to your gym bag.

Compare Hand Armor to other products, such as, Liquid Grip, Mission Power Grip, Mammut, Petzl, Edelweiss, and Myoprotein Liquid Chalk. Hand Armor liquid Chalk uses "real" chalk as one of its ingredients, so you get that "chalk" feel.

Unlike regular gym chalk brands like Ader Gym Chalk, GSC Gym Chalk, or Rogue Fitness Chalk, Hand Armor liquid chalk blend has the added antibacterial agent that provides extra protection from germs and bacteria.

Ready to see for yourself? Lets get you "chalked up"..

SABO PowerLift - Coming Soon

July 08, 2014

Now Available:  Buy Here!

We are excited to soon be offering SABO's latest Olympic Weightlifting Shoe, the SABO PowerLifts.  The PowerLifts will be coming in our next SABO shipment, which will be here before the end of the month.  The initial run of these shoes are in sizes 40 EUR to 45 EUR, however the SABO PowerLifts have been selling like crazy in Russia and Europe so SABO are extending the size range.  


  • The upper is made with a high quality durable synthetic leather and breathable mesh.
  • A new ultra-modern non-marking outsole based on the Sabo Power Platform (SPP).  The SSP system brings some flexibility to the forefoot, while being rock solid in the heel.  
  • Two multi-directional straps lock your foot and ankle firmly into the shoe.  Sleeves on the strap loops ensure a tight lock.
  • An effective heel height of 0.77 inches, the diagram below shows heel dimensions for each size.   (Effective heel height is calculated as H2 - H5).  The broken H2/H5 line is where the foot sits in the shoe.  








  • Heel made of plastic polymers, making the heel light weight, but super strong and non-compressible.
  • Light weight - size 42EUR comes in at 17 ounces.
  • High wings of the outsole add extra support.
  • Designed to be used for Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Crossfit and Girevoy Sport.

Try just one set in these and you won't be able to lift without them.   To be notified as soon as these become available, please subscribe here.



New Product: MAXbarbell Singlets

May 24, 2014

MAXbarbell continues to bring you more insanely affordable lifting gear.  Our latest product is the MAXbarbell Weightlifitng & Powerlifting Singlet. A blend of cotton and lycra, the material in this singlet wicks away moisture keeping you comfortable and dry. 4 way stretchable and reinforced stitching where it counts. The Singlet is non-supportive, so it is perfect for your next meet.  It also has no advertising or logos, so you can make it your own. Best of all, the MAXbarbell Singlet only $27.99 with Free Shipping!

Lift your MAX with MAXbarbell.



























MAXbelts - now in stock!

May 19, 2014

MAXbelts powerlifting belts are now back in stock. Double prong buckle, 10mm 2 ply 100% cowhide leather. The best value lifting belt on the market. Importantly, USAPL Legal for Local and State Level Meets. We now carry XX-Large which can fit a waist of up to 44". Get yours today!

Win PowerMAX and 25% OFF coupon

April 07, 2014

Enter the contest being run by our partner@machinegunv on Twitter and you can win a pair of PowerMAX Wei-Rui Weightlifting shoes.  To enter, you must follow @MAXbarbell and @machinegunv and Retweet the following (click the image below).   Details on how to receive 25% off PowerMAX Wei-Rui Weightlifting shoes are also below.







New Wei-Rui Stock here soon

November 24, 2013

Update:  There have been a few delays due to shipping issues beyond our control.   We sincerely apologize for anyone who was planning on purchasing their shoes before Christmas.  It looks like the shoes should be here in another week or so.  Check back late December or early January, or sign up for our email notification 


It has been a long wait and there are still a few more days until our new Wei-Rui stock will be here.   At this stage, we expect to have our new stock available for sale around the second week of December.   Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified as soon as the shoes are on sale.  You can sign up here: 

In the meantime, here is a sneak peak at our new line up of Wei-Rui weightlifting shoes.  




- TPR (thermo-plastic rubber) outsole

- Flexible/thin forefoot

- Light weight.















































 VX3 Fury

- Wood heel.

- Metatarsal and forefoot strap for added stability.

- Please note that the finished shoe will have the "Wei-Rui" logo on the strap and heel counter.

















































- Cool, unique design.

- EVA midsole for light to moderate lifting, up to 400 lbs.  

- Please note that the finished shoe will have the "Wei-Rui" logo on the strap and heel counter.






































The New Bombshell











And our all-time best seller...










I Don't Always Squat...

November 24, 2013














Check out our new belts!

May 07, 2013

Just arrived...

MAXbarbell now carries two new weightlifting/powerlifting belts:  the MAXbelt and the MAXlever belt.

Lift your MAX with these belts.  


  • Quality 10mm thick cowhide suede leather.  
  • 4 inches wide all the way around, providing support to the back and abs.
  • 4 rows (8 total) of double heavy stitching. Strong double-pronged, steel buckle.  Seamless Roller. 
  • USAPL Legal for Local and State Level Meets.

    *** Due to the thickness of the leather and buckle, this belt requires a short breaking-in period.  
Compare this belt to our competitors and discover our unmatched value.  This is the same quality belt that you can find elsewhere at x3 our price.   

From $37.95 - $41.95

MAXlever belt:

Lift your MAX with the MAXlever power belt.  Features:

  •  Allows you to quickly tighten and then loosen in between sets.  
  •  Quality 10mm thick cowhide suede leather. 
  •  4 inches wide all the way around, providing support to the back and abs.
  •  Double rows of heavy stitching. Strong chrome lever.    
  •  USAPL Legal for Local and State Level Meets 
  •  No Logo

From $55.95 - $64.95

Both belts are built for heavy lifting such as power lifting and Olympic lifting.

*** Due to the thickness of the leather and buckle, this belt requires a short breaking-in period.