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Gift Ideas for Powerlifters - Under $25

Powerlifting Gift Card

Christmas, birthdays, graduation, Father's day, Mother's day - if you have a powerlifter in your life, you will probably want to buy them something related to the pursuit they love. But what to get? While most Powerlifters tend to be fussy about what gear they use when lifting, in a pinch, choosing something from this Powerlifters gift guide will be likely to please.

This guide is for gifts between $10 and $25.  In this price range there are some unique gift ideas like our Powerlifting street and parking signs.  Or maybe socks and ammonia that the typical lifter is always in need of. 

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Powerlifting Gifts between $25 and $75

Powerlifting Gifts Under $25

T-shirts, socks, ammonia and barbell collars are just some of the powerlifting gift ideas that can be had for under $25.  

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