Skull Smash Ammonia - American Whiskey
Skull Smash Ammonia - American Whiskey

Skull Smash Ammonia - American Whiskey

Skull Smash

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Just like it looks, and just like it sounds....this gem right here is a very large bottle of the very finest of Skull Smash Ammonia....but it's infused with the scent of real American Whiskey!!! It's very potent, and hits you as hard as you're used to with all of our products, but with the added awesome bonus of the feeling that you just did a shot of whiskey straight to the brain. I can't describe how awesome this is...get one and try it....but hurry, because these are a limited edition!!!

Skull Smash Ammonia Inhalants are some of the most potent, longest lasting inhalants in the world.
Skull Smash products are designed and made by Steve Welch, a veteran, gym owner, career coach and trainer, and long time powerlifter and strength athlete. Skull Smash is 100% American made.
Most of the other products out there are cheaply made, liquid-based ammonia. They are generic looking, leak all over your bag, can be hyper-potent when they are new, but then quickly fade to no potency whatsoever. Skull Smash is made using a solid formula, which will not leak, and also holds its optimal potency for much longer. Skull Smash is packaged using high quality materials, and is attractively labeled.