SABO Deadlift PRO Shoes - White/Black
SABO Deadlift PRO Shoes - White/Black
SABO Deadlift PRO Shoes - White/Black
SABO Deadlift PRO Shoes - White/Black
SABO Deadlift PRO Shoes - White/Black
SABO Deadlift PRO Shoes - White/Black
SABO Deadlift PRO Shoes - White/Black
SABO Deadlift PRO Shoes - White/Black
SABO Deadlift PRO Shoes - White/Black

SABO Deadlift PRO Shoes - White/Black


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Sizes are European (different from the SABO Deadlift-1) so please check your size on our size guide below. Feel free to contact us if you need any help or advice.

The first shoe in the SABO Pro Series. The SABO Deadlift Pro is based on new ideas and years of research. The word "Deadlift" on the ankle strap is a bit of a misnomer because these shoes are incredible for flat shoe squats and bench press. They are also phenomenal for deadlifting of course! A true Powerlifting shoe.

Main Features:
  • EU Sizing - Totally new shoe lasts, utilizing European (EU) size system. Half sizes.
  • Anatomical shape - The shoe lasts have a natural anatomical shape and rounded internal heel bottom that securely envelopes the heel.
  • Minimalist insole - A thin, removable insole supports the arch and provides a cover over the seams of the bottom sole.
  • Heel height - All the shoes of the PRO Series have a small heel drop of 1 mm. This innovation allows for a cambered heel design, similar to the camber in snow skis, when the lifter’s weight is added to the shoe, the heel flattens distributing the weight more evenly, over a wider surface area. This provides a more planted feeling and better heel drive.
  • Toe box - Nice and wide to allow for toe splay.
  • Innovative outsole - Completely new shoe outsole is designed for perfect deadlifts. It has some unique features:
    • durable but very thin, barefoot feel at 5mm thick.
    • non-compressible.
    • wider bottom provides extra support and stability.
    • high board in the heel and on the toe side for better foot hold, minimizing slipping and foot rolling. Superior sumo pulling performance.
    • spherical heel zone to improve weight distribution.
  • Grip - The design, components and pattern of the bottom sole are designed to get better grip, comfort, durability and weight transmission.
  • Wide metatarsal strap - 40mm on (sizes 40-47.5) / 30mm on (sizes 36-39.5). New durable velcro. Provides superior support locking your foot into position.
  • Breathable mesh & synthetic suede - vegan-friendly.
  • The Deadlift PRO is also exceptionally versatile and is perfect for squatting (if you need a flat sole) and bench press.
  • While these shoes look like they have a heel, they do not.  The appearance of a heel is due to the reinforced heel counter.

In Action:



Size Guide

    SABO Deadlift Pro shoes are built on the European size system and come in half sizes (size 36 - 47.5 EU). The table below shows the conversion of European to US mens's sizes. Since every foot is three-dimensional and varies across many different areas (such as width, instep etc), conversion tables can only approximate your true shoe size. In general, the conversions below will give you about 10-15mm of space between the toe and the top of the shoe. For most people, this is ideal. If you prefer less space, we recommend sizing down a half or full size.

    EU US men's US women's
    36 5 women's
    36.5 5.5 women's
    37 6 women's
    37.5 6.5 women's
    38 5 7 women's
    38.5 5.5 7.5 women's
    39 6 8 women's
    39.5 6.5 8.5 women's
    40 7 9 women's
    40.5 7.5 9.5 women's
    41 8 10 women's
    41.5 8.5 10.5 women's
    42 9 11 women's
    42.5 9.5
    43 10
    43.5 10.5
    44 11
    44.5 11.5
    45 12
    45.5 12.5
    46 13
    46.5 13.5
    47 14
    47.5 14.5

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Paulo Josue Madrid Fernandez
pedido rápido y efectivo , la caja intacta y la calidad de los zapatos para el muerto increíbles

10 de 10

Gracias Paulo, Mucha suerte con tu entrenamiento!




true to size as a deadlift shoe but for personal preference I would go down half a size just to have a tighter space so my feet arent moving much. Very comfortable to wear and lift in, and a little roomy for me which isn’t bad.

Ryan G.
Truly amazing shoes and amazing company

This is my third order from MAXbarbell. As always, delivery was super fast and the shoes are truly amazing. Stable AF and comfortable. L-O-V-E lifting in these.

Patrick S FOSTER
Game Changers

I just received my new Sabo Pros
Let me tell you i thought my 6 other various pairs were excellent Powerlifting shoes but these new redesigned Sabo Pros definitely game changers!!! Definitely stepped up the construction and quality witch I didn't think could get better but definitely better toe box , metatarsal strap . Arch support is excellent ! Would not compete without these new pros !!! Trust me I've tried a lot of different Powerlifting shoes hands down these game changers !!!!!