Muscle Recovery Kit

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You are always on the move - sitting, standing, bending, walking, running and working out. To stay this active, your muscles must recharge daily.

The Muscle Recovery Kit provides you with the tools and instructions you need to restore and maintain your body's natural east-of-movement. Our innovative system teaches you how to target specific muscles to relieve localized pain, and roll larger muscle groups to reduce tightness and increase flexibility.

Deep Tissue Roller: High-density roller works through tight muscle and tissue and reduce intense aches and pains all over body.

Dual Density Foam Covers: 2 advanced-technology 5mm covers used separately and in combination on Deep Tissue Roller for cushioned surface with less intense rolling experience. Easy to add and remove. Outer cover is also integrated carry case.

Muscle Release Ball: 3” Muscle Release Ball offers moderate hardness when rolling on floor and when seated. The Ball is very effective in releasing muscles in shoulders, lower lumbar, glutes, hamstrings and calves.

Pinpoint Pressure Peanut: Ergonomic peanut shape reaches trouble spots including feet, thoracic spine, rotator cuff and Achilles tendon. Ultra hard with small surface areas, the Peanut focuses pressure in specific areas to relieve acute pain.


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