MAXbarbell Essentials - MAX² Slippers
MAXbarbell Essentials - MAX² Slippers
MAXbarbell Essentials - MAX² Slippers
MAXbarbell Essentials - MAX² Slippers
MAXbarbell Essentials - MAX² Slippers

MAXbarbell Essentials - MAX² Slippers


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MAX² Slippers give you all the benefits of lifting in a slipper but in something that feels like a shoe and at a fair price.  Slippers x Shoes= MAX²

Recently we noticed a lot of lifters are opting for this new type of slipper instead of regular deadlift slippers. As many have noticed, these new slippers are actually repurposed aqua (water) shoes.  It turns out that aqua shoes have a lot features that make them suitable for deadlifting.  So when we looked at developing our own, we started by testing various aqua shoes.

Here are some samples we looked at:

After pricing out aqua shoes, we realized we could make a top-notch product but at better value than what is currently available. We worked with one the world's leading aqua shoe manufactures to ensure our slippers would be of the highest quality and consistency.

  • Barefoot feel
  • Double lateral straps provides security and support for sumo pullers
  • Completely flat, no heel rise
  • Aggressive rubber bottom for grip in any direction
  • Sock like upper for comfort and breathability
  • Removable insert to get you as close to the floor as possible
  • Sole less than 4mm thick with insert removed. Insert adds about 1mm.
  • Take up less space in your gym bag than a pair of shoe
  • Fair price

Can double as aqua shoes for wading, swimming, fishing or diving.  Simply drill a few small holes in the pre-marked thin sole.

Available in a full range of sizes, this slipper is designed to be durable for gym use, and competition ready for platform day.


These come in whole EU sizes and fit both men and women. 
EU Size Length (cm's) US (men's)
US (women's)
35 22.5 5
36 23 5.5-6
37 23.5 6.5 6.5-7
38 24 7 7.5-8
39 24.5 7.5 8.5
40 25 8 9
41 25.5 8.5-9 9.5
42 26 9 10
43 26.5 9.5-10 10.5-11
44 27 10.5-11
45 27.5 11.5-12

Customer Reviews

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Curtis R
Unbeatable grip

I was in search of some shoes that would give me a solid grip during my workouts. I'm glad I came across these, they've exceeded my expectations. They allow me to perform lifts with confidence, knowing that I have a firm foundation beneath me.
The construction is solid, price is fair, and the design is stylish. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I recommend these shoes to anyone in the market for a quality pair of workout shoes.

Bray LaFave

I ordered these a few weeks ago and they’ve been working wonderfully, however today I put them on and after first warmup set of deadlifts noticed that one of the metal buckled has broken.

Jeff McKendree

I wrote a negative review (one star) a few months ago. The owner, Joe, immediately reached out to me and sent me a replacement pair for free. After using the replacement pair for ~5 months, I have not had any issues with the shoe like I did with the old pair. I think the older pair had a defective D ring that snapped. These shoes are very comparable to Notorious lifts as far as fit and feel, and are about half the price. The only minor complaint I have is I would recommend sizing half a size down, as I believe the shoe runs a little bit larger than suggested.