Primo Chalk FAQ

How is Primo Chalk made? We begin with high-quality magnesium carbonate and combine it with a blend of five key essential oils and a natural drying agent. This particular mix of essential oils has been found to decrease Staphylococcus, Micro coccus uteus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria in laboratory testing.

Is Primo Chalk oily? No, it is not oily. This is thanks to the added drying agent that helps keep the chalk drier longer. As with any hand chalk, it may get "funky" in some circumstances - such as doing push-ups on a dirty floor with sweaty hands. In other words, your mileage may vary depending on the situation.

How long does it last when applied? Primo Chalk lasts about twice as long as other hand chalk. That is, it requires about half the number of applications as plain magnesium carbonate.

How far does Primo Chalk go compared to regular chalk? Because it stays on your hands longer, it's reasonable to say that 2 ounces of Primo Chalk will go as far as 3-4 ounces of regular chalk. As always, individual usage depends on the conditions you're using it in.

Has Primo Chalk been tested for it's effectiveness in killing common bacteria like Staph? Clinical testing of PrimoChalk™ is not complete, though a blend of oils like that used in PrimoChalk™ was scientifically tested and has been proven to kill at least three common bacteria including Staph.

Is it worth the cost? We think so. Here's why:

Primo Chalk contains proven staph and other bacteria-killing organic essential oils. The oil blend also protects and conditions your hands while reducing rips and tears. You'll also find Primo Chalk offers outstanding grip during every use.

Primo Chalk lasts longer once you have it on. It coats your hands and requires about 1/2 the number of applications as the competitor. This means you'll spend less time worrying about your grip and less time getting more chalk. Personally, I have greater confidence in my lifts and when I'm on the rope with this stuff. That's why I created, use and promote it.

Does it contain antibiotics? No! Primo Chalk contains ZERO antibiotics or drugs. Instead, organic plant extracts (organic essential oils) are used to inhibit bacteria growth!

Chalk is inert, non-metabolite, and sterile. Why add anything to it? Let's assume, for arguments' sake, that this is 100% true. It's true that chalk is not going to harbor any sort of micro-organism on it's own. However, as people dip and re-dip in the bowl, the chalk stops being sterile because it's touched by sweat, skin, oil, and germs. That bacteria will stick around on bars, climbing walls, in the bowl, etc., and can eventually cause infection and make you ill.

At one point, I developed not one, but three staph infections from a tumbling mat during an extended MMA class. You're probably thinking, "But tumbling mats are plastic. They're inert, a non-metabolite, and sterile, right?"

But, it's not the material that matters. It's the dynamic, open environment in which the equipment is used. The mat I used had been thoroughly cleaned, but as people came and went, bacteria was deposited on the mat and I picked them up. My point is this: Unfortunately, your equipment and chalk bowl do not exist in a vacuum. That's where Primo Chalk comes in.

Aren't anti-bacterial products considered bad? I chose to use essential oils instead of an anti-bacterial chemical additive (used in most soaps), because micro organisms do not seem to adapt to the essential oils. These substances have been around for centuries and have been used by people to stay healthy.

For which sports can I use Primo Chalk? Our chalk is appropriate for any sport where hand chalk is used. This includes weight training, lifting, climbing, and more. Professional athletes who play tennis and baseball may also benefit from our chalk, assuming it's not against regulation.

Primo Chalk is also useful in any sport where a chalk block is typically used to dry the hands. In this case, you can replace the standard block with our chalk ball or loose chalk.