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MAXbarbell's choice for Nutritional Supplements

We spent months looking into selling nutritional supplements on  In the end we determined that it would be a logistical nightmare to stock, store and properly ship a decent variety of products.    Still many of our customers ask us where the best place is to buy supplements online. We always give them the same answer:  AllStarHealth.  Why?  Because they are an awesome company that we have used for years and have never been disappointed.  

When compared to other vendors, AllStarHealth wins out because…

  • Shipping is $5.95 for an unlimited amount of items per order.
  • Even when compared to Amazon and Ebay, most products come out cheaper on AllStarHealth, especially when you consider shipping costs.   The bigger the order, the bigger the savings. 
  • Shipping is fast!  With East and West coast warehouses, we usually get our items in 3 days.
  • Their variety of brand name supplements is excellent with over 15,000 products in stock. AllStarHealth are specialists in nutritional supplements and they carry everything you could possibly need.  
  • Like, they have awesome customer service.
So when your friends come back buying stuff from GNC, make them flip when you show them how they could have saved 50%.