SABO GYM weightlifting shoes - Black (small sizes)
SABO GYM weightlifting shoes - Black (small sizes)
SABO GYM weightlifting shoes - Black (small sizes)
SABO GYM weightlifting shoes - Black (small sizes)
SABO GYM weightlifting shoes - Black (small sizes)
SABO GYM weightlifting shoes - Black (small sizes)
SABO GYM weightlifting shoes - Black (small sizes)
SABO GYM weightlifting shoes - Black (small sizes)

SABO GYM weightlifting shoes - Black (small sizes)


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See sizing directions below.
A new design of weightlifting shoe for powerlifting, weightlifting, and kettlebell/girevoy sport.

Main features:

- An anatomically optimized design using anthropomorphic measurements of athletes.

- Innovative sole made of TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) specifically designed for working with heavy weights.   Each sole is a single molded piece, eliminating the need for adhesives and making it virtually indestructible.

- Improved upper construction using ultra-durable synthetic materials, providing maximum support for the foot and maximum stability for the ankle.   These shoes fit like a glove.  

- Proportional heel height related to shoe size:  0.60 inches effective, 1.08 inches total on size 39, through, 0.67 inches effective, 1.18 inches total on size 47.  See outsole diagram below for heel height of each size.  

-  Less aggressive heel height makes the GYM suitable for low-bar, wide stance squats, deadlifts and powerlifting.



- Designed specifically for powerlifting and weightlifting these shoes improve lifting performance and safety.

- Compared to western shoe models, these shoes are not as narrow and have more volume.

- Unique GYM outsole is made of a high density material which guarantees an even distribution of weight and good traction with the floor.

- Thoroughly tested upper materials to maximize comfort, safety and durability.

- Available in sizes 6.5 US to 14 US (38 RUS to 47 RUS).

Size Guide

    SABO GoodLift (and GYM) shoes are built on Russian whole sizes (size 36 - 47) and run larger than the Deadlift-1's, therefore the conversion table below is a little different to the table on the other SABO pages. The table below shows the conversion of Russian to US men's sizes. Since every foot is three-dimensional and varies across many different areas (such as width, instep etc), conversion tables can only approximate your true shoe size.

    For the equivalent women's size, please subtract 1.5 from the men's size.

    RUS US men's
    36 5
    37 5.5 - 6
    38 6.5 - 7
    39 7.5
    40 8 - 8.5
    41 9
    42 9.5
    43 10 - 10.5
    44 11 -11.5
    45 12 - 12.5
    46 13
    47 13.5 - 14

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Love the hard bottom it give support and feels comfortable

Sharon W.
Shocked by their comfort!!! Love

I bought these shoes and couldn't bring myself to wear them. Then, months later, put of necessity (looking story) wore them to the gym. These are THE MOST COMFORTABLE shoes. And everything in them is so good!!! (I do Olympic weightlifting). I had addidas Leistung, Velaasa, Position, and a bunch of others, and i swear, these beat them all. And they go with everything. Even smaller heel height than my other shoes is not even noticeable. They are light too.

Awesome !

Russians are awesome!

Fast delivery and great quality products for great prices!

Tory Robinson
Solid shoe solid purchase

I ordered the shoes as my first pair of lifting shoes, they are great. Solid construction and will never O-lift again without them. The sizing chart was spot on and from the time I ordered to the time I received them was 4 days with ground shipping. Messenger did a great job of keeping me updated about order processing along the way.

Robert Batista
Solid shoe for wide feet

I prefer a shorter heel so I decided to give these shoes a try. I have a wide foot so many mainstream brands just don't feel right. I either have to go larger on the size which compromises fit, or end up feeling unstable on a narrow shoe base. When I first put these shoes on I thought they were a bit too tight but by the second workout something great happened...The material seemed to just conform to my feet and I was no longer aware I was even wearing them. I also seriously can't believe the price point I got these for on this site. They're built like bricks so I'm sure they'll last a long time as well.

Regarding customer service: Messenger questions were answered immediately and I had the shoes in my hands within a few days. I will definitely purchase from this site again.