Camo Block - Moxy Deadlift Socks

Camo Block - Moxy Deadlift Socks


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The perfect marriage between sock and shoe: SABO Deadlifts and Moxy Deadlift Socks.

The Deadlift BLOCK!!! Moxy allowed for an imprint area on the front of the sock and printed a Solid Green army Camouflage on the front of the socks… showing you where the protection comes in! These impressive Black Knee-Highs come fully equipped with protection in mind. Featuring heavy cushion in the pattern area, these specialty performance deadlift socks help you come equipped for your best workouts. Protecting the shins and upper leg, these knee-highs will also breath well down below with the original Moxy Performance Foot. Perfect for powerlifting, deadlfting, and any other hardcore sport where protection is needed.

    These socks are stretchy, so one size fits all.