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StandStrong Original
StandStrong Original
StandStrong Original
StandStrong Original

StandStrong Original


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It is like the Sling Shot, but for the Squat instead of the Bench!  

The StandStrong is a patented accessory tool, made in the USA, for all lifters to add pounds to their squat and reinforce proper technique. Improve your squat strength, reps and form.

The StandStrong Original comes in two sizes and fits on virtually any standard lifting belt.  The supportive elastic design can:

  • OVERLOAD training by allowing you to do more reps, sets, and heavier weight to gain strength 
  • EMPOWER you to to squat more by offering more support at the most difficult portion of the movement.
  • PROTECT you by reinforcing proper form and technique to help prevent injury

Should I get the StandStrong Flex or Original?

StandStrong Flex: Designed to be worn in the absence of a standard lifting belt. The lightweight design is NOT intended to be a fully supportive lifting belt in and of itself, but just enough to give the wearer the flexibility to use it on various exercises.

StandStrong Original: Designed to be used with any standard lifting belt. The sleek design allows you to slide it right onto your personal lifting belt.



Have questions?  Check out our StandStrong FAQ page.