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  • Hi Vladimir,
    We are expecting a new shipment of Wei-Rui shoes around late November. No Contenders in that shipment, however there will be a few new models. We recommend that you add your email to the Subscribe field on the left hand side of our web pages. We can then notify you by email when we get new stock.

  • Will Contenders be back in stock?

  • Will Contenders be back in stock?

  • The VX3 and VX3ii both have a wood heel (made of basswood). They both have a wide metatarsal straps and leather upper. The primary difference between the two shoes is the styling of the shoes – black split leather on the VX3, white and black finished leather on the VX3ii.
  • What is the difference between the VX3 and the VX3 ii?

    Doug Stewart

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