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Our New Shoes Are Here

Our latest shipment of weightlifting shoes has arrived and are selling fast. Still only $5 flat rate shipping on all weightlifitng shoes, but won't last long. Shipping costs are rising. *|MC:SUBJECT|*
Our shipment of new weightlifting shoes has arrived!
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MAXbarbell LLC
Warrior Wei-Rui weightlifting shoe

The Warrior is back!

Well reviewed and in hot demand.  Every second under the bar is a war you wage against yourself and gravity.  Fight for every extra poundage with Warrior Wei-Rui Weightlifting Shoes.  Features black and white split ox leather upper,  a white metatarsal strap, and 0.75 inch heel height which is the height preferred by most lifters.   The midsole and outer sole are a single rubber mold therefore decreasing need for glue in construction.   Still only $69.99
Contender Wei-Rui Weightlifting Shoes


Challenging the notion that a solid weightlifting shoe needs to be expensive.  The Contender model are priced as an entry level weightlifting shoe and are perfect for somebody new to the sport.  A metatersal strap and lace anchors increases lateral stability and sucks your foot into the shoe to provide a snug fit.  No more excuses for lifting in Chucks, at $54.95
VX3 Wei-Rui Weightlifting Shoes


Veni, Vidi Vici.   Conquer your lifts with VX3 Wei-Rui lifting shoes.  The shoe’s upper is made of black split ox leather with two white leather stripes.  The heel is made of solid Basswood wood and makes for a lighter shoe.  An extra thick metatersal strap provides for maximum stability.   Excellent value at $89.95
Bombshell Wei-Rui Weightlifting Shoes


Be an explosive force with Wei-Rui BombShell women's weightlifting shoes.  A metatarsal strap increases lateral stability and sucks your foot into the shoe to provide a snug fit.  Will make a huge difference to your performance and technique.  Rubber midsole and outsole, synthetic leather upper, 0.75 inches heel elevation, available from size 5.  Still priced at $64.99
Still only $5 flat rate shipping.  Shipping costs are rising, so be quick!

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