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When to choose a Free-standing Portable Pullup Bar

In prehistoric times when man looked up, saw an overhanging tree, and thought 'I could climb that tree if I could pull myself up on that branch' the pull-up was born. It's not new, but over the past 5 years or so, there seems to have been a resurgence in the pull-up’s popularity.   It is almost impossible to go to a big box store and not see some kind doorway mounted pull-up bar displayed. Turn on the TV and you may see Tony Horton promising you the body of your dreams in 90 days if you purchase his DVD and pull-up set.    Crossfit has also played a big role in bringing the pull-up back--who among us was not impressed when he/she first saw the kip performed?

There is no doubt about it; the pull-up is an awesome exercise.   It is probably one of the most taxing, and it can take a lot of practice for a novice to build the strength to string a few reps together.   Because of its difficulty, it has the potential to build magnificent upper-back strength and should not be left out of any training regime.  

 MAXbarbell sells a freestanding portable pull bar unit built by Trapeze Rigging.   The goal of this post is to give some advice about when it would make sense to use a freestanding portable pull up bar instead of some of the other types of bars available on the market. 


 6 Reasons to buy a Free Standing Portable Pull Up Bar  

1.      It is appealing to have the ability to pack and reassemble your pull-up bar anywhere you work out.   With the pull-up unit you can take it to the park, beach, office or swimming pool.   The portable pull-up bar can be packed in a bag and only weighs 22lbs; this means you can even take it on a plane. 

2.      If you rent an apartment or house, you usually are not allowed to drill holes in the wall or framing.   You may not want to risk damaging a doorway.   In either case, a freestanding unit can be set up anywhere and when you move, it moves with you.

3.      Some of the doorway models have pretty low weight limits.   And even though some may say they can take 300lbs, do you really want to apply that much weight to your door frame?   The Trapeze Rigging model can take up to 350lbs without a problem.

4.      With most pull-up bars you are limited to a fixed height.  That is, either the height of your doorway, or the height of your stud drill holes.   Our freestanding model allows adjustment to three different heights: 84”, 80” or 76”.   These heights can pretty much accommodate anyone.  It can also be used at height of 3.5 feet for dips, or inclined push ups.   Doing inclined pull ups at this height, by the way, is a great way to build up the strength for a full pull-up if you are not able to do them.    

5.      Our free standing pull-up bar can be used for dips and push ups.    You can only do pull-ups with most door way units. 

6.      When you need something you can put away and reassemble in under a minute, our pull-up bar is perfect.   Also (sad but true), many pieces of home exercise equipment get used a few times, collect dust, then get thrown to the curb. We truly hope that nothing you buy from suffers this fate. In any case, the Trapeze Rigging freestanding portable pullup bar makes a great coat hanger.  

So if you are considering a pull up bar we hope this post has given you something to consider.  As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to use our contact page to ask us.

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