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We are excited to soon be offering SABO's latest Olympic Weightlifting Shoe, the SABO PowerLifts.  The PowerLifts will be coming in our next SABO shipment, which will be here before the end of the month.  The initial run of these shoes are in sizes 40 EUR to 45 EUR, however the SABO PowerLifts have been selling like crazy in Russia and Europe so SABO are extending the size range.  


  • The upper is made with a high quality durable synthetic leather and breathable mesh.
  • A new ultra-modern non-marking outsole based on the Sabo Power Platform (SPP).  The SSP system brings some flexibility to the forefoot, while being rock solid in the heel.  
  • Two multi-directional straps lock your foot and ankle firmly into the shoe.  Sleeves on the strap loops ensure a tight lock.
  • An effective heel height of 0.77 inches, the diagram below shows heel dimensions for each size.   (Effective heel height is calculated as H2 - H5).  The broken H2/H5 line is where the foot sits in the shoe.  








  • Heel made of plastic polymers, making the heel light weight, but super strong and non-compressible.
  • Light weight - size 42EUR comes in at 17 ounces.
  • High wings of the outsole add extra support.
  • Designed to be used for Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Crossfit and Girevoy Sport.

Try just one set in these and you won't be able to lift without them.   To be notified as soon as these become available, please subscribe here.




  • Jason, Price is not finalized yet, but will probably be around $120.

  • Hey Maxbarbell,
    How much would the powerlift be sold for?

    Jason Vuong

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