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New Wei-Rui Stock here soon

Update:  There have been a few delays due to shipping issues beyond our control.   We sincerely apologize for anyone who was planning on purchasing their shoes before Christmas.  It looks like the shoes should be here in another week or so.  Check back late December or early January, or sign up for our email notification 


It has been a long wait and there are still a few more days until our new Wei-Rui stock will be here.   At this stage, we expect to have our new stock available for sale around the second week of December.   Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified as soon as the shoes are on sale.  You can sign up here: 

In the meantime, here is a sneak peak at our new line up of Wei-Rui weightlifting shoes.  




- TPR (thermo-plastic rubber) outsole

- Flexible/thin forefoot

- Light weight.















































 VX3 Fury

- Wood heel.

- Metatarsal and forefoot strap for added stability.

- Please note that the finished shoe will have the "Wei-Rui" logo on the strap and heel counter.

















































- Cool, unique design.

- EVA midsole for light to moderate lifting, up to 400 lbs.  

- Please note that the finished shoe will have the "Wei-Rui" logo on the strap and heel counter.






































The New Bombshell











And our all-time best seller...











  • EB, the current Wei-Ruis run pretty close to true to size. Based on your measurement, your regular shoe size should be close to size 11US, so we would recommend ordering the size 44.5EUR/11US Wei-Ruis. If your regular shoe size is not close to this, please email us at The Wei-Rui’s run standard D width – you may want to order a 0.5 size smaller to compensate for your narrow width.

  • Hey, I’ve been thinking about getting these but don’t know how I should size them. I read a lot about other squat shoes being very wide so having to size down, how did you size them? my foot is 11 inches, and 3.9 inches wide (So kinda narrow).

  • The shipment was delayed in transit for more than 2 weeks for reasons beyond our control. We are still waiting for an exact date of arrival from our shipping agent. It should be soon. Thank you for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Any idea as to when the shipment of shoes are coming in? I’ve been dying to pick up a pair of warriors since November.

  • When can we expect the new shipment of the Warrior shoes?

    Fernando Burts

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