Zen - Wei-Rui Weightlifting Shoes

Zen - Wei-Rui Weightlifting Shoes


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When the floor, lifter and bar become one, massive weight can be moved.  The Wei-Rui Zen will take your training to a new level.   Priced as an entry level weightlifting shoe, they are perfect for new or seasoned lifters.  A metatarsal strap increases lateral stability and sucks your foot into the shoe to provide a snug fit. These weightlifting shoes look great and will make a huge difference to your performance and technique.   Perfect for weightlifting, powerlifting, crossfit and bodybuilding.
The Zen are made with black PU leather with red trim.
The heel height on these babies is 0.75 inches, which seems to be the height preferred by most lifters.  (Note that this is the height of the middle sole, or the difference between the height under the ball of the foot and the height under the heel).

Features: PU upper, compressed rubber mid and outsole, metatarsal strap, able to withstand heavy squats, heel elevation measures 0.75 inches,  total heel height 1.25 inches, available in sizes 5 to 14 US.

Got questions?   Be sure to check out our FAQ page or contact us.

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How to find your Wei-Rui shoe size

    These shoes come in Men's sizes only. (Ladies, please order 1 full size smaller to convert to the equivalent Men’s size). We highly recommend that you measure your foot length using the instructions below and then find your size using our size converter.

    The length of the shoe is measured from the heel to the end toe tip on the inside of the shoe (excluding lining and inner sole). More accurate measurements are taken while standing.

    • You need a piece of paper, a pencil and a ruler.
    • Draw a straight line on the paper. The line should be longer than your foot.
    • Place the paper on a flat surface.
    • Place your foot on the paper - with your heel and longest toe centered on the line. We recommend standing as this will spread your foot out for a more accurate measurement.
    • Draw a mark at the tip of your toe and the back of your heel.
    • Measure both feet.
    • Take a ruler and measure the distance between the marks.
    • To find your correct shoes size you should add some extra space (1.5-2cm or 0.6-0.8inches) to be sure your foot can fit in the shoe.
    • Use the Size Converter below and find the length that fits your measurement best.  The converter will tell you which size to choose.
    • If between sizes, we recommend you go up ½ size

Size Converter

  1. Measure your feet.
  2. Select unit and choose the length closest to your measurement.
  3. Add extra space to find your shoe size. (Normally 2cm/0.8in)
  4. Please note, if the size recommended by this calculator is larger than your regular running shoe size, then order your regular shoe size instead.

Typically, for men, the Size Converter should output your regular shoe size or half a size smaller. If the suggested size is much different to your regular shoe please contact us with your details.