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Primo Chalk - 6oz Loose

Primo Chalk - 6oz Loose


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Preferred by athletes around the globe, loose Primo Chalk conditions hands with essential oils leaving the skin more resilient. Primo Chalk is created by combining quality hand chalk (magnesium carbonate) with a blend of five essential oils and a natural drying agent to create a higher performing gym chalk. Best of all, these essential oils have been proven to actually kill Staph bacteria.*

Manufactured in the USA, Primo Chalk blends organic essential oils with our chalk to create amazing benefits:

  • Better Grip - Enjoy a non-tacky and confident grip
  • Less Pain - Essential oils sooth your skin
  • Longer Lasting - You need less Primo Chalk than regular gym chalk
  • Smells Great

Here's a look at some of the benefits of Primo Chalk over regular gym chalk:

  1. Leaves Hands Feeling Better - The hard & dry feeling is significantly decreased
  2. Better Grip - Enjoy a non-tacky and confident grip
  3. Less Pain - Essential oils soothe your skin
  4. Longer Lasting - It lasts about twice as long as regular gym chalk once applied!
  5. Fewer Tears and Rips - Essential oils condition hands and make skin more resilient

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