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ONI Launcher Omega

ONI Launcher Omega


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Oni launcher OMEGA is made of the stiffest double ply material.

Oni launcher OMEGA is superior to a single ply bench shirt. An experienced lifter can lift more over 80kg with Oni launcher OMEGA.

This product has a high risk of injury. When first starting with the Launcher, we recommend training with a partner with a very light weight barbell that you can control perfectly.

Size Chart (Arm opening circumference)

   size       description   
S. 30 cm
M. 32cm
L. 34cm
XL 36cm
XXL 38cm
XXXL 40cm


Sizes for beginners

   size       description   
L. up to 74kg
XL 74-93kg
XXL 93kg-105kg
XXXL from 105kg


Sizes for experienced athletes

   size       description   
S. up to 66kg
M. 66-74kg
L. 74-93kg
XL 93-120kg
XXL 120 kg


How to use:
The proper mounting position for this product is to align your elbows with the slits. If your arms cannot pass through the openings, cover your arm with a plastic bag to slide supporter openings over. If it is difficult to open your arms, push it slightly towards your shoulders. If it shifts to the forearm side, it is possible to lose control.
When using it, start by getting used to the characteristics of the product with a weight that you can completely control, about 40-50% of 1RM. Regardless of the weight, set the safety bars higher than your body or use it with the assistance of a spotter.