Hyper Extension Machine


Did you know that 90% of your everyday movements involve your abs and lower back? This Roman Chair / Back Hyperextension was developed for unsurpassed development of your entire midsection.

Hyper Extension Machine Strengthens and tightens lower back to perfection. Helps develop back, isolate glutens and hamstring muscles for superb definition and is also good for advanced abdominal exercises. Quick adjustments accommodates all users and the traction enhanced Foot Plate allows secure positioning during use.


Features Fully Adjustable to Accommodate a Variety of Users

Thick 8" Pad for comfort

Non-Slip Foot Plate Built-in

Ease of Use & Comfort

Design Provides Greatest Range of Motion

Dimensions : 36"H x 46"L x 25"W

Warranty: In-Home One Year Warranty

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