Free-standing Portable Pullup Bar

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Need a place to do pull ups? This free-standing unit will enable you to do pull ups, push ups and dips anywhere. Use it at home or take it on the road to the beach or the park. Can be assembled in less than a minute with no tools required. It also helps you develop muscles if you are not able to do the aforementioned exercises. Comes in 7 pieces (all under 45" in length) and fits in a 48″×8″×8″ box. Made out of polished aluminum. When not in use, it can act as coat hanger, or be taken apart in 30 seconds and put away.

Quick Specs
- Weighs 22 lbs and can take a 350 lb load.
- Comes in 7 small pieces which can be re-assembled in 1 minute – no tools required!
- It’s 7 feet tall, and 42 inches wide.
- Made out of polished aluminum.
- The 1" thick top bar has 3 heights: 84", 80", 76".

- Normal (7 feet high) configuration: pull ups, leg raises, hip raises, knee ups
- Doing pull ups on the dip bars is a natural position for the hands.
- Dipping (3.5 feet high) configuration: dips, inclined push-ups, inclined pull-ups
- If you are just starting to learn, the incline will help you develop the muscles by allowing pull ups and push ups without the total weight of your body working against you.

See the bar in action:


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