BombShell - Women's Weightlifting Shoes

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New Design!
Be an explosive force with Wei-Rui BombShell women's weightlifting shoes.

MAXbarbell's first shoe for the girls.   A metatarsal strap increases lateral stability and sucks your foot into the shoe to provide a snug fit.  Now also with a forefoot strap to give you that real glued to the floor feeling.  These weightlifting shoes look great and will make a huge difference to your performance and technique.   Perfect for weightlifting, powerlifting, olympic lifting, crossfit and bodybuilding.

The heel height on these babies is 0.75 inches, which seems to be height preferred by most lifters.  (Note that this is the height of the middle sole, or the difference between the height under the ball of the foot and the height under the heel). 

Features: velcro hook and loop strap over laces for added support; rubber midsole and outsole; able to withstand heavy squats;  heel elevation measures 0.75 inches,  total heel hieght 1.25 inches; available in sizes 4.5 to 12 US, women's sizing.     

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