Beaded HumanX X2 Speed Rope

Beaded HumanX X2 Speed Rope


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Trying to increase your jumping capacity? Start a serious training program with HumanX by Harbinger's new Beaded X2 Speed Rope.

 Loaded with 84in of custom-engineered, injection-molded beads, the Beaded X2 offers maximum adjustability when weighting your rope.  The high density blue and grey beads are 1in and 1.25in in length, and super tough against abrasion. This training tool is designed for jumpers of all levels, from beginners to double-under aficionados.... add beads to increase agility and coordination, and remove beads as you jumping improves!

 The newest member of the HumanX Speed Rope family, the Beaded X2 features the same patent-pending low friction rotational mechanism with 3 axis rotation and 4.5in long ergonomically-designed handles as the X2 Speed Rope. It also packs with a fully-adjustable 10FT nylon-coated medium weight cable and the X2 Beaded is sized to accept varying weight HumanX cables.  Allen wrench included. 


  • 84″ of custom-engineered, injection-molded 1″ and 1.25″ high density beads for maximum adjustability in weighting rope for training
  • New X2 ultra spin mechanism for enhanced speed and control in double unders and speed jumping!
  • Patent-pending low friction rotational mechanism with 3 axis rotation
  • Fully-adjustable 10FT super tough nylon-coated cable resists twisting
  • Evolved X2 head fits range of cables
  • Injection-molded 4.5″ long ergonomically-designed handles