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Spider Chalk - 2oz Liquid Chalk
Spider Chalk - 2oz Liquid Chalk
Spider Chalk - 2oz Liquid Chalk
Spider Chalk - 2oz Liquid Chalk
Spider Chalk - 2oz Liquid Chalk

Spider Chalk - 2oz Liquid Chalk

Spider Chalk

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Spider Chalk is liquid chalk formulated to keep your hands drier, longer. Developed by competitive athletes, Spider Chalk uses laboratory-grade magnesium carbonate, the driest chalk on the planet. Pure chalk increases friction and helps you grip longer and visit the chalk bucket less.
  • USE ANYWHERE, NO MESS - No dust, you won't inhale chemical fillers found in cheap chalk. Quick drying, about 15 seconds. Once dry, our liquid chalk grips won't rub off on rocks, clothing or gym equipment. Some gyms ban the use of chalk because of the mess, frequently in hotel gyms, franchise gyms, and climbing gyms. This product can be used in any gym as it makes no mess. Have safer hands and a better grip anywhere, anytime.
  • INCREASED PERFORMANCE - When you use lifting straps, you remove work your hands and forearms have to do to grip the bar. Get the same great grip without sacrificing training opportunity with liquid chalk. Prevents muscle imbalances and increases grip strength. Grip strength is critical to increasing your workout max, nailing your gymnastics routine or conquering the most rigorous rock faces. Great for weight lifting, olympic lifting workout routines.
  • LONG LASTING FORMULA - Stays on your hands for your whole workout. Stays tacky and keeps grip for a while. Contains two non-toxic bonding agents so it doesn't come off during your workouts, unlike our competitor's formulas. Have confidence in our product while rock climbing, weightlifting, power lifting, or during grueling gymnastics workouts.
  • PURE, SAFE INGREDIENTS - The only liquid chalk product on the market made with pure, lab tested magnesium carbonate. Does not contain any of the untested impurities found in other, cheaper products. You'll feel the difference immediately. Not only does that give you better grip strength and longevity, it's also much healthier. The skin can absorb toxins applied to it. You can breathe in those fillers while using block chalk and chalk bags. Magnesium carbonate is safe to use and much healthier.



Ever wonder why all chalk blocks are the same size and shape regardless of the branding? That's because they are all the same! Spider Chalk is the only company that manufactures pure magnesium carbonate blocks with no fillers or binders and the only company that manufactures in the USA!

Stop breathing in the dangerous fillers contained in cheap, imported chalk. Spider Chalk uses a more sophisticated process to ensure a better block with pure ingredients and no slimy binder or dangerous fillers.

No one should breathe harmful chemicals with their chalk, right?

Spider Chalk is the official chalk of some of the largest sporting events in the world. Tested and proven in competition, join thousands of athletes who want better chalk!