MAXbarbell Essentials Wrist Wraps - Black/Yellow

MAXbarbell Essentials Wrist Wraps - Black/Yellow


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Extra support for your wrists when pressing or going overhead with heavy-ass weight. These MAXbarbell Essentials wrist wraps are made of a cotton, elastic, and polyester blend that will mold to your wrist at your desired tightness. A large velcro attachment keeps the straps securely locked in place. An elastic thumb loop makes these easy to get on. The wrist wraps measure 18" in length and 3" wide, the perfect size for providing maximal support without the bulk.

Sold as a pair.

- Professional Grade Wrist Joint Support 
- Strong Double-Wrap Design w/ Thumb Loop
- Thick Elastic Strap w/ Full Velcro Closure
- Machine Washable
- Price is for Pair (2 Wraps)