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SABO Slay - Red
SABO Slay - Red
SABO Slay - Red
SABO Slay - Red
SABO Slay - Red
SABO Slay - Red
SABO Slay - Red
SABO Slay - Red

SABO Slay - Red


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Sizes are Russian so please check your size on our size guide below. Feel free to contact us if you need any help or advice.


SABO Slay is a redesigned model of classic boots for Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling but also ideal as an all-round gym shoe and for powerlifting training, as well as for competitions of different levels. 

Soft construction gives a high degree of freedom of movement. The Slay was designed on a new shoe, created on the basis of an analysis of the measurements of athletes' feet. The footwear has a new non-marking sole made of high-quality rubber and provides excellent grip on the carpet. Protection of the laces is provided by a special pocket, which meets the requirements of wrestling competition.

Main features:

- Modern footwear for popular traditional wrestling types of fighting
- Ideal an an all-round gym shoe and for powerlifting
- Completely revised soft construction ensures maximum freedom of movement
- The sole of a new composition of non-marking rubber allows to raise wear resistance. It has a special track pattern and provides excellent grip on the carpet surface
- The sole is sewn to the top with reinforced threads for maximum strength and reliability
- Lace pocket that meets the competition requirements for convenience and safety
- Modern attractive design

PLEASE NOTE : The soles are softer on this style of shoe so we recommend for use indoors only. If worn outdoors the sole will wear quicker.  

Size Guide

    SABO lifting shoes are built on Russian whole sizes (size 34 - 47). The table below shows the conversion of Russian to US men's and women's sizes. Since every foot is three-dimensional and varies across many different areas (such as width, instep etc), conversion tables can only approximate your true shoe size.

    RUS US men's US womens's
    34 3 4.5
    35 3.5 - 4 5 - 5.5
    36 4.5 6
    37 5 - 5.5 6.5 - 7
    38 6 - 6.5 7.5 - 8
    39 7 8.5
    40 7.5 - 8 9 - 9.5
    41 8.5 10
    42 9 10.5
    43 9.5 - 10
    44 10.5 - 11
    45 11.5 - 12
    46 12.5
    47 13 - 13.5

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