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MAXrings Gymnastic Rings


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The best value gymnastic rings on the market!

Add variation and a challenge to your regular routine.   Gymnastic rings make almost every exercise more difficult because they not only test your strength but they require stabilization throughout the body.  Use them for Push Ups, Dips, Pull Ups, Australian pull ups, Ring Flys, and of course Muscle Ups.   See the video below for some ideas.   

Includes: 2 Gymnastic Rings & 2 14.5 feet Adjustable Straps with Cam Buckles


  • Nylon Webbing Straps (W x L): 1in X 174in(14.5FT)
  • Anti-skidding design
  • Pipe Diameter of the Ring:1.1in
  • External Diameter of the Ring: 9in
  • Maximum Load: 200kg
  • Color: Black
  • Ring Material: Plastic

Seller/Manufacturer not responsible for injury from use of this product.